Come, Sit and Have a Cuppa

Hi friends, A happy new year to you. I know I’m a tad late, but better late than never eh? January was a great start to a new year. I took a leap and took the blog to the next level whilst preparing myself for new expressions of creativity. As much as we desire new…

Time, a poem.

  The wrong way to view time; Time is running out, Like a stack of cards, My plans are falling awry, When will I ever be anything? The right way to view time; Every moment is a blessing, Every second gone, Is one step closer to eternity. Have I made the right choice? ©Olamide Oti,…

On Family

I have always been enamoured with the concept of family, that everyone is connected to someone else. It is amazing that the world as we know it began with two people, Adam and Eve, and now there are over 7 billion of us with diverse tongues, tribes and belief systems each connected to several families….

And The Shofar Blew

What’s the first thought that popped in your heart as you read the title of this piece? Perhaps it reminded you of the book by Francine Rivers with the same title. I have read this book twice and it affected me deeply each time. It tells the story of a young pastor who missed the…

Love Garden

It’s springtime. The season of roses has come But what is that I see blossoming in your garden, my love? Is not your garden overrun with poison ivy rooted in offence? It’s springtime. The season of roses has come Would you rather harvest poison or love? Tear out the roots now, my darling Before they…

Forgive, and Forget

Life is good, but we get knocks here and there. Knocks that are designed to knock us out of the race, but God!

Little Foxes

These questions quickly stir up a flurry of anxious thoughts in any heart. Without knowing it, we question the authenticity of God’s promises, and kick open the door to fear, worry and anxiety. They are little sister foxes that often go to places together.

So you think you have a voice.

So you think you have a voice? What are you going to use it for? Would you make a conscious decision to honour the next person as if they were your own brother? When the time comes, would you speak for justice and fairness even if its unpopular?

What if God’s Heart Really Beats for You?

Have you ever felt the love of a father?Strong, yet tenderAs deep as it is wideHave you ever experienced the touch of a lover?The kind that leaves you reeling with joyAnd tingling with excitement from head to toeYet it’s nothing compared to the love of the eternal God His love is perfectUnyielding and unchangingHe never…